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We are ECHOS Consulting Limited - a consultancy focused on energy and sustainability risk for a multi-sectoral client base who trust us to guide them to aggressively consistent compliance to international standards for sustainability and risk management. Our team of consultants have been exposed through raw experience and are continuously up-skilled via training courses to ensure that your operation consistently accesses the latest and most updated information and technology for your needs.

Our team shares over 50 years of combined risk management activities on site with our clients and where we encounter new challenges we are more than happy to identify solution partners, thus allowing for new knowledge for our clients and our consultants. In all cases our clients get the best solutions to their needs.

ECHOS is a full-service energy and sustainability risk management consultancy. Our clients and partners span the globe and our services are developed, supported and delivered to international standards. We deliver alternative energy solutions for cooling, heating and or electricity supply to commercial and residential interests across the Caribbean through solar and waste-to-energy technologies from project development to commissioning. Our focus on quality equipment, cutting-edge engineering design, and a modern project management approach, ensures that we deliver what the competition does not.

ECHOS also delivers complete environmental risk management and or EH&S program development activities [primarily] to the food and hospitality industry with our suite of Cristal International Standards services.

We are experts at what we do. We are adept at navigating the hurdles that you currently face and we are keen on coaching you through and over them. We become a part of the team so that we deliver solutions your staff understand and embrace. This means they will continue to exist long after we're gone - note, most clients keep us around for good luck, maybe its our energy!

At the forefront of our service delivery is the avid use of technology to ease the strain of time-consuming activities, reduce human error, and automate repetitive tasks. We also use technology to generate reports and to provide information direct to senior management for decisions on efficiency, risk and sustainability. Our client know that once we are present, we have them covered, so they focus on operating while we make sure they're delivering quality and efficiency.


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Create sustainable management policies, practices and solutions efficiency and profitability.

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Prepare yourself, your organization and your team for the challenges and expectations of your industry.

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Our Executive Team

Masters of delivering sustainable risk management strategies with customer satisfaction and profitability

Richard A. May

Energy & Sustainability Strategist, CEO
Sustainability and efficiency go hand-in-hand and our task is to make this theory a reality within our clients' operations whether from a basic procedural perspective or from the perspective of equipment acquisition and project development

Craig A. May

Hospitality Risk Strategist
The hospitality industry is the one place where every other industry converges and has functional representation. Our goal is to guide our clients' hotel team in an efficient and effective manner as they navigate through these operations. We help get it right.