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Business Sustainability - ECHOS

Business sustainability is the sum total or umbrella classification of the concepts that most companies and organizations are trying to achieve when they decide to "go green" or become "sustainable" or to pursue "environmentally friendly" practices. As the name suggests though, business sustainability is much more than just "green" or "Eco", it is about financial/economic accuity, social and resource robustness, environmentally astute responsibility and focused efforts and business efficiency and operational effectiveness ... In EVERY department, division, and role.

Echos guides and establishes client goals and expectations from vision to outcome and  assists companies and organizations to implement business sustainability measures and programs including but not limited to:

          - environmental foot printing

                    - emissions, energy, water, waste, etc.

          - emissions and carbon management
          - business continuity planning
          - emergency management & response
          - environmental health and food hygiene services
          - occupational & facilities safety and risk management
          - sustainable (green) building design and development

Our consulting services have been used by hotels and hotel groups, governments, investment and real estate development companies and clients in other business categories. Given our history of zero-failure and continuous improvement as we focus heavily on knowledge transfer with our clients, we believe we are able to tackle just about any sustainability challenge. Contact us  about your goals and needs and we will work with you towards your anticipated outcomes and more.