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ECHOS Consulting Limited

Certification Programs

Echos works with clients to achieve certification to various local and international sustainability and quality standards. It doesn't hurt that we have accredited and certified Lead Auditors and Master Trainers in our staffing. This means we see what the auditors will see and correct it with management solutions that keep you certified and help to continuously improve your management processes.

We have led clients through certification and approval programs assessed against requirements and standards from bodies such as Cristal International Standards (formerly CheckSafetyFirst), Green Globe, EarthCheck, the World Bank / IFC (International Financial Corporation), and numerous government driven programs globally. The quality and clarity of our service is uncompromised and as such we actually represent EarthCheck and Cristal International Standards in the Caribbean.

EarthCheck Sustainability

Cristal Int'l Standards

ISO Series Standards

NEHA Food Standards

Our existing clients have benefitted from our services and assistance with certification services focused on:

Varied ISO standards series including ISO9000/ ISO14000/ ISO18000/ ISO26000
          - Food Hygiene & Safety (including HACCP)
          - Cristal International Standards (e-Cristal)
          - EarthCheck Company Standards
          - Other EMS and EH&S certification systems

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you even if we have not listed the certification you maybe currently pursuing.