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complete energy & sustainability solutions

ECHOS Consulting Limited

Echos develops systems and solutions as complete or modular processes or services that create effective solutions for each of our valued clients. We provide complete project consulting and or management services from development through implementation for: Sustainable business development, Sustainability and Quality certification, Training and awareness programs, Environmental risk management, and General business efficiency consulting.

By continuously increasing the positive impacts to the environment and by increasing the safety, efficiency, and quality of output in their workspace, our clients have much to say about our services. In effect, we are engaged by the challenge of propelling our clients into becoming more responsible corporate citizens through programs driven by accountability and the clients' own commitment and momentum. Most importantly, our clients never have to compromise on the quality of the products and services they offer to their clients.

Echos has developed processes that allow clients to achieve their goals with consistent, systematic, long-term business approach that exists and grows with the organization as a fixture within the natural operation of the organization. We build sustainability into the DNA of our clients.

Echos has assisted many companies, governments, and institutions to streamline their sustainability strategy and ideology in developed and developing countries including; the USA, Canada, Jamaica, Antigua, St. Lucia, Turks & Caicos, and The Bahamas and also by providing products such as; solar renewable energy systems, solar window film solutions, waste digestion with our liquid food computers, environmental risk management software and biodegradable storage systems.