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Use E-Cristal bespoke management tools to monitor the current daily level of real risk in any of your operating locations on one simple screen. This unique software incorporates a traffic light system that allows you to access, at the press of a button, the areas of real risk that you need to be concerned about.

With our assistance you will never again be lost for information and or formatted reports with all of your records available digitally. The material you really need will not be buried in a mass of papers and other documents and instead, you can now keep your senior management teams (and even your board of directors) fully informed of your corporate due diligence position on a daily basis. No more nasty shocks or surprises. You can even use your improved risk management position to negotiate lower rates with your insurers and travel partners. You can use your low risk position as a sales tool to attract new guests and those interest groups that make it a point of duty to ask for high levels of safety.

Key Cristal International Standards Services


Ensuring that the brand standards are consistently implemented across the organization through the use of the E-Cristal system. This technology allows for central development of the brand with easy distribution and control of all locations, no matter how geographically dispersed.


Addressing all forms of security risk, from robbery and fire through to assault and terror attacks, these assessments are compiled using a variety of data sources and regularly reviewed (far more frequently than other risk categories) to ensure dynamic threat protection.


Cristal-trained consultants assist in the implementation of a HACCP Management System specifically tailored to the hotel or cruise ship environment.

This includes full guidance, resources and documentation, supported by the state-of-the-art, internet-based, E-Cristal risk management system.


Guests require simple, basic components to be guaranteed and thus room hygiene, safety and cleanliness are pre-requisites for hoteliers. RoomCheck measures and reports the effectiveness of housekeeping services, making you confident in this essential area of your hotel business.

Peace Of Mind With Cristal

With the above services, you can be assured that your operational risk is being managed effectively, and this gives you the peace of mind that only comes from knowing your guest and employee well-being and enjoyment are not at risk and that your facilities are intact.

Among the benefits of this service, you will experience:

  • Increased brand protection
  • Significantly reduced liability
  • Quality and consistent corporate reporting
  • Globally compatible information and information systems
  • A system designed specifically for the food and hotel industry
  • A certification system approved and accepted by most tour operators*

The Cristal Standards are developed to ensure best quality, risk, sustainability and safety practices in resort and food-oriented operations worldwide. With well over 1,500 audits happening every month, you can join other hotel and business managers in the following steps to higher quality and profitability:

  1.  Authorize a qualified, external auditor to assess the quality, risk, safety and sustainability of your operation
  2. Have your subsequent achievements marketed online to your existing and potential clients
  3. Be comforted by the fact that the assessment is a monthly occurrence
  4.  Recognize that this audit-management approach creates a system of consistency and standard of operation
  5.  Pre-approve your operations with international tour operators
  6.  Have more satisfied guests, safer environment and facilities, consistent quality
  7.  Earn more, spend less, be more profitable

Contact us to discuss how we can help your organization to meet international  standards and industry expectation while simultaneously achieving a level of risk reduction that saves your brand and your bottom line every day.