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ECHOS Consulting Limited

Energy Consulting Services

ECHOS provides consulting and energy decision support services for our clients and we can provide project management services from design review to onsite installation support. Energy management and technology are not rocket science solutions, however, they are highly technical and to the untrained individual can cost more than they should because of simple mistakes. Let us help you make the right decisions and choices regarding your energy needs.

We can guide your team in most areas related to energy as our team always includes at least one internationally accredited Certified Energy Manager. The areas below are only for simple reference.

In the event that you simply need to purchase equipment, our immediate recommendation is to contact Powersource Jamaica as they have worked with ECHOS in the past to deliver many energy projects for our clients.

LED lights are the future of lighting and ECHOS provides lighting solutions for commercial, residential and agricultural purposes. All our lights are factory-direct, designed for the specific grid conditions in the region and come with 3-year warranties. Quality is of prime importance and our lights will outshine the competition for years to come.

Solar photovoltaic energy is now accessible and affordable in the caribbean and given the high price of fossil-fuel based energy the solar will only get better with time. ECHOS provides residential, commercial, industrial and utility-scale solar PV solutions through factory and manufacturer-direct relationships thus providing best quality and output per dollar spent. Come talk to us.

Gasification plant in operation

ECHOS was fundamentally involved with the first commercial solar thermal cooling system developed and implemented in the Caribbean. We maybe able to replace your entire process cooling and or heating loads be it for brewing, broiling or even air-conditioning. Our solutions are designed and built to international standards and come with 20-year life-expectancy and 10-year warranties [minimum].

Biogas (biodigester) plant

ECHOS provides complete project services for waste-to-energy plants using advanced modern technologies. We work with our design and research partners to develop and construct the facilities and through to operational commissioning of all the energy technologies we promote. Our manufacturing partners help us to deliver high-quality project implementation and full client satisfaction.