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Environmental Risk Management - ECHOS

Environmental risk management is that collective set of systems developed and used within businesses to maintain a low risk or risk free environment. As a subset of a general business sustainability program, environmental risk management varies in its responsibility to individual companies and organizations. For hotels, it naturally involves food safety, water quality, crisis management and other critical areas of risk concerning guest and employee well being.

In the food and hospitality industry, our environmental risk management services are delivered as a suite of modular categories and our bespoke web-enabled risk management software developed against the Cristal International Standards. We deliver risk management solutions using an audit management model and approach for improved procedural efficacy, increased operations efficiency, and improvements in quality for our clients through the points of focus for each client's sustainability program.

ECHOS Consulting's environmental risk management systems have been developed in the past to satisfy the stringent international requirements required of standards in specialized areas including; sustainability, operational risk management, safety and hygiene control, environmental risk management and other areas of operational efficiency that when ignored or not adequately managed can lead to significant financial losses [usually from lawsuits] and regulatory penalties and fines.

We specialise in standards such as those delivered by; Cristal InternationalEarthCheck, Green Globe, Travelife, PECB, and even the IFC (International Finance Corporation).

ECHOS has also developed programs unique to an organization's own internal standards and specific requirements. We have offered this service to clients in the past with high praises and positive results.Contact us with your needs and we will work with you to develop your programs and specific solutions.